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8:20 p.m. - 2005-11-12
if i watch the west wing, i know i am a fearless typer. i stalk through hallowed hallways, meeting deadlines and looking good in armani, for once. i have the ear of a nation, and in the end, i make them Believe.

if i watch buffy, i know that i could kick any demon's ass. but i also know how nice it is to fall into bed with them on occasion. can you redeem the demon, make him a Good Man? before he dies, he might tell me he loves me.

if i watch firefly, i know that i am on the raggedy edge. there are men who will eat your flesh and use their cum for seasoning, but i was made to slip through, not to feast upon. my home is metal, my crew is family. i choose- i always choose true.

and if i watch my son, i know that he is my greatest adventure. a cliffhanger a day, no repeats. the plot is inventive, the character development bold. toddler excitement and fury- who needs metaphors when they've got an earful of 'm'ananna?


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