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5:38 p.m. - 2005-02-08
i also wrote this one a while back; almost six months ago, in fact. sex wasn't exactly forthcoming from my paramour throughout the duration of my pregnancy, even from the time that the test read positive. i was a week overdue before they induced me, so... i was rather frustrated by that point. :)

the other mary

there is a magenta ribbon- placed there,
i guess, for decoration or division.
kathie lee probably thinks i look like a present to be
unwrapped, but i think that's kinky strictly in the
PTA sense.

kate hudson said she felt big and jolly, and that
the sex was great. i guess that's hollywood
for you. soundbytes in theory.
he said you're just going to have to wait.
he asked, very patiently, if i could.

Magdalene wouldn't be caught dead in this
ensemble, by the way, so i suppose he knows
nothing like sarcasm would be woven
into what i figured was the most
threadbare, truthful response:

-who else am i gonna fuck, honey?-
i'm on nine and still counting, and really, i want to know:
will i ever again consider spaghetti straps ironic?
people on the street channel david bowie,
they keep saying: i love your dress.


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